Policeman arrested for burglary

Police in Mie Prefecture, central Japan, have arrested one of their officers on suspicion of burglary.

The 23-year-old policeman at Yokkaichi-nishi police station reportedly entered the home of a company executive in Komono Town on Tuesday morning. He is suspected of having stolen three luxury wristwatches and other items estimated to be worth more than 90,000 dollars total.

Police received on the same day a report from a shop in nearby Nagoya City saying that a person sold it two watches of the same type as the stolen ones.

Police say the suspect has admitted to the charges. They say he told them that he committed theft to repay his debt.

The suspect has been working at the criminal investigation division of the police station for two years. He had reportedly visited the victim's home in the past for an investigation.

The Mie prefectural police department offered an apology and vowed to deal with the case strictly based on investigations.