Companies preparing for workplace vaccinations

Companies in Japan are preparing to conduct coronavirus vaccinations at their offices as the government plans to start giving shots at workplaces from June 21.

The government revealed the plan on Tuesday, aiming to seed up the vaccination rollout. University campuses will also be added to a list of inoculation venues.

Sumitomo Life Insurance Company is planning to use its offices in Tokyo and Osaka and vaccinate around 4,000 people in each city after securing doctors and nurses.

Executive officer Kawaguchi Kensei said the biggest challenge is securing a supply of vaccines. He said his company will deal with the matter by consulting government officials.

Electronics maker Fujitsu is considering inoculating employees working in Tokyo and neighboring Kanagawa.

Sony Group is planning to have its corporate doctors vaccinate employees at its offices.

Toyota Motor, SoftBank Group, e-commerce retailer Rakuten, and online flea-market operator Mercari are also among companies planning to administer vaccine shots at their offices.

TKP, which operates a rental office business, says it will provide meeting rooms for free so companies will have a place to vaccinate their workers. It says the free service is for smaller companies that lack clinics or large meeting rooms.