Pandemic causing distress among young in Japan

A recent survey indicates that a notable number of young people in Japan are experiencing psychological distress due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

A group led by Yamamoto Tetsuya, an associate professor at Tokushima University, conducted the study in February on the psychological impact of the pandemic on the country.

About 20,000 people were surveyed online in 10 prefectures where a state of emergency was in effect.

The researchers say that among 2,100 of those surveyed aged 18 to 29, 22.8 percent were estimated to be in a state of depression requiring treatment. They also say 46 percent, or nearly half of the respondents, were estimated to be under stress.

Yamamoto attributes the high figures to the growing sense of loneliness among young people, including that experienced by university students who are taking classes online.

He also cites their increasing anxiety about the future.

Yamamoto says young people are facing a significant mental health crisis, and that support must be extended at an early stage.