LDP seeks preparations for Taiwan contingencies

Members of Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party are calling on the government to discuss ways to address possible contingencies involving Taiwan.

Members of the LDP's Foreign Affairs Division and Research Commission on Foreign Affairs have compiled a set of proposals for the government, saying China's military and economic pressure on Taiwan is growing in severity.

The document says an invasion of Taiwan by China would directly affect Japan's security.

It proposes conducting simulations with allied nations on how to coordinate in the event of a Taiwan contingency. It also calls for drawing up plans for the evacuation of Japanese residents from Taiwan.

The LDP members also say Japan should strengthen ties with Taiwan. Specifically, they propose discussing measures to promote exchanges between ministers and government officials.

They also say the government should consider providing coronavirus vaccines to Taiwan and fostering cooperation in the development of renewable energy and other emerging technologies.

The document says Taiwan's participation in international frameworks will serve Japan's national interests and security.

The LDP members say the Japanese government should take the initiative to help Taiwan participate in annual assemblies of the World Health Organization and join the International Civil Aviation Organization, or ICAO.