Britain reports no COVID-19 deaths on Tue.

British health officials say they confirmed no new deaths from the coronavirus on Tuesday for the first time since last July. This comes as concerns over a new variant are mounting.

Britain has reported a total of more than 127,000 deaths from the virus so far. The government has taken strict measures to prevent infections. Its vaccine rollout also went smoothly, with about 58 percent of the population having already received at least one shot.

The government has been gradually relaxing anti-virus measures as the situation improves. Many people gathered on beaches and other outdoor venues with their families and friends over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the country's daily count of new infections is on the rise at the 3,000 level. Concerns are growing in some areas over a variant which was first confirmed in India.

Most of the coronavirus-related restrictions are scheduled to be lifted in late June. But some observers say the plan could be delayed depending on the situation.