Myanmar schools reopen while classes boycotted

Myanmar`s military has reopened schools across the country after a closure introduced as a measure against the coronavirus. But many teachers and students refused to return to their classes in protest against the military junta.

Schools reopened on Tuesday, the day a new semester starts in the country. Senior high schools had been closed since August 2020 while elementary and junior high schools had been shut for more than a year.

In Yangon, the country's largest city, only limited numbers of students were seen returning to their classrooms.

Against the backdrop of the military coup in February, many teachers in Myanmar have decided to boycott classes because they feel returning to schools would mean accepting the rule of the junta.

Teachers' groups say the military has suspended or dismissed about 126,000 teachers as of the end of May.

Many civilians are also reluctant to have their children receive an education under military rule.

The groups say only around 30 percent of students completed procedures needed for taking part in classes before the school resumption.