No breakthrough in Myanmar 4 months after coup

In Myanmar, security forces continue to crack down on civilians four months after the country's military coup.

A human rights group in Myanmar says 840 people have died since the February 1 coup through Monday due to shooting and other assault by security forces.

In the country's largest city Yangon, people posing as passersby suddenly occupy streets, raise their voices in protest and quickly disperse in small-scale sporadic demonstrations.

In the northwestern state of Chin and the eastern state of Kayah, citizens armed with homemade guns and other weapons have clashed fiercely with security forces.

Local media say Myanmar's military used helicopter gunships to attack protesting citizens in Kayah on Monday afternoon.

Details of the attack, such as the number of casualties, remain unknown.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, issued a statement after a meeting of its top leaders in April saying it will send a special envoy to Myanmar.

But Myanmar's military has made clear it will not respond to ASEAN's demands anytime soon.