Aussie softball team arrives in Japan

The Australian women's softball team has arrived in Japan for a pre-Olympic training camp as the host city prepares to impose careful anti-coronavirus measures.

Officials say the team members are among the first athletes to come to the country for the Tokyo Games, which was postponed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

About 30 players and staff members from Australia arrived at Narita Airport, near Tokyo, on Tuesday morning.

The members, each wearing a mask, appeared from the arrivals gate and waved at reporters. They received documents with precautions to take when entering Japan at the quarantine station, then sat and waited to receive an antigen test.

The team will arrive at the city of Ota in Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, in the afternoon. The members will stay there until July 17 to prepare for their first game at the Olympics.

City officials say the players and staff were vaccinated before coming to Japan, and that they will be tested for the coronavirus every day during their stay in the city.

The officials pledged a range of measures to reduce infection risks, including asking the athletes to refrain from going out, except shuttling between their hotel and a training venue.