Ex-Nissan head Ghosn questioned in Lebanon

French justice authorities are questioning former Nissan Motor chief Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon on suspicion of financial misconduct.

The authorities and his lawyers said the questioning began on Monday in the Middle Eastern country, where he has been since he skipped bail in Japan.

Ghosn, who was also at the helm of French automaker Renault, is suspected of misusing company funds for a wedding reception at the Palace of Versailles. Investigators are also looking into his alleged involvement in suspicious payments made from Renault to a car dealership.

Ghosn is reportedly being questioned by French investigating judges at a court in Beirut, in the presence of his lawyers.

The lawyers said Ghosn has voluntarily submitted himself to the questioning.

They said in a statement that they have "identified serious procedural irregularities in the French dossiers."

The lawyers also said, "these abnormalities, which undermine the judicial process, are the result of the peculiar methods of the Japanese investigation, which is the primary source for building the French cases."

The French judges will consider whether to put him on trial, based on the questioning, which is scheduled to last for five days through June 4.