Japan tightens entry rules for Vietnam, Malaysia

The Japanese government is planning to introduce a 6-day self-isolation period for people entering the country from Vietnam and Malaysia.

The move comes after Vietnamese authorities reported the discovery of a new variant with characteristics of the India and UK variants. It also comes amid a rapid increase in the cases of coronavirus variants in Malaysia.

The government is planning to ask people arriving from the two countries to stay at accommodations secured by the government.

Arrivals from India and five other countries are already required to stay at such accommodations for the first 10 days of a two-week quarantine period following the spread of the India variant in those countries.

Japan is also planning to add people arriving from Afghanistan to the list of those subject to a 10-day stay, and also those from Thailand and certain parts of the United States to a three-day stay, at such accommodations.

People will be required to undergo virus tests on a regular basis while at such accommodations. If they test negative, they can self-isolate at home or elsewhere.

The government is preparing to implement these measures on Friday.