Imports at Narita Airport hit record high in Apr.

Japan's imports at Narita Airport reached a record high in April as the country brought in more coronavirus vaccines.

Figures released by Tokyo Customs show that the imports totaled more than 1.34 trillion yen, or about 12 billion dollars. That's up 26.4 percent from the same month last year and is the largest for April.

Imports of pharmaceutical products rose to about 1.9 billion dollars as vaccines developed by the US pharmaceutical firm Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech were shipped in. Japan imports the vaccine from Belgium, where Pfizer's production base is located.

Imports of fruits from Taiwan came in at around 155,000 dollars. Japan began buying pineapples from Taiwan soon after China suspended imports of them in March, saying that pests had been found.

Exports from Narita also rose to a record high in April. They grew 46.2 percent from a year ago to more than 10 billion dollars. The increase is attributed to brisk exports of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China.