N.Korea slams lifting of missile rules on S.Korea

North Korea's state-run media has denounced a recent US-South Korea deal to scrap guidelines restricting Seoul's missile development.

The Korean Central News Agency released an article on Monday that called the move a "stark reminder" of the hostile US policy toward the North.

This is Pyongyang's first reaction to the US-South Korea summit in Washington earlier this month. The leaders of the two countries agreed to lift the restrictions on the range and payload of missiles that Seoul is allowed to develop.

KCNA says the US act is "meant to spark off" an arms race on the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding areas.

It says the guidelines' termination "clearly shows who is behind the escalation of tension" on the peninsula.

The article also slams the Biden administration's policy of pursuing dialogue with Pyongyang. It says the US grants its allies unlimited right to missile development while being "engrossed in confrontation despite its lip-service to dialogue."

KCNA says the US "calculation" is a "foolish one."

In the summit, the two countries reaffirmed the belief that diplomacy and dialogue are essential for achieving the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. But North Korea has yet to respond to the call for dialogue.