Netanyahu may lose grip on power

The leader of a right-wing opposition party in Israel has announced that he will work with the country's largest opposition party to form a coalition. If an agreement is reached, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be unseated. He has been in power since 2009.

Negotiations aimed at forming a coalition have been deadlocked since a general election was held in March. That election was the country's fourth in two years.

Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party won the largest number of seats. But he failed to put together a new governing coalition by the deadline. Yair Lapid is the leader of the largest centrist opposition party, Yesh Atid. He is currently in the process of forming a cabinet.

Naftali Bennett is the leader of the right-wing party, Yamina. He announced on Sunday that he is working on a coalition agreement with Yesh Atid.

Other opposition parties have already agreed to join the coalition. The deadline to form a cabinet is on Wednesday.

Netanyahu has sharply criticized Bennett. The prime minister has accused him of committing "the fraud of the century." That is a reference to an announcement, which Bennett made in the past. Bennett publicly promised that he would not join forces with Lapid.