Crewmember found dead in sunken Japanese ship

The Japan Coast Guard has found a crewmember of a sunken Japanese cargo ship inside the vessel. He has been confirmed dead. It says he has been identified as a 22-year-old marine engineer, one of the three crewmembers who had not been accounted for.

The ship, Byakko, sank after colliding with Marshall Islands-flagged chemical tanker Ulsan Pioneer on Thursday night in the inland sea off Ehime Prefecture, western Japan.

Three people went missing, including the cargo ship's captain. Divers have been searching for them in the ship that had sunken to a depth of about 60 meters. He was found in the wheelhouse near the ship's stern.

Meanwhile, three investigators from Japan Transport Safety Board began inspecting the chemical tanker on Sunday. It is docked near the site of the accident.