Memorial service held for Wishma Sandamali

About 400 people took part in a memorial service at a Buddhist temple in central Tokyo on Saturday for a Sri Lankan woman who died while in detention at an immigration bureau in Nagoya in March.

The family of Wishma Sandamali and her supporters laid flowers at an alter and quietly prayed while priests chanted mantras in both Sri Lankan language and Japanese.

Wishma, who was 33, had complained of poor health in mid-January but was only examined by doctors at the facility and was not hospitalized.

The Immigration Services Agency is looking into whether her case was handled properly.

In a meeting, Wishma's family asked Justice Minister Kamikawa Yoko to explain the circumstances leading to her death, and also to release footage of her in detention. But the Immigration Services Agency has rejected their request.

Wishma's younger sister Wayomi said her sister loved Japan, and that she still cannot believed she died under such terrible circumstances.

She said when she returns to Sri Lanka, she will have to answer their mother's question about why her daughter died, and called for help in unveiling the truth.

A man in his 70's said Wishma must have been full of regret to only get to live half as long as he, and that he wants the Japanese government to seriously face the issue surrounding immigration rules and the way people are treated in detention.