China slams Japan-EU leaders' remarks on Taiwan

China's foreign ministry has condemned Japan and the European Union over their leaders' comments on Taiwan, saying that Japan is exaggerating threats by China.

The leaders of Japan and the EU underscored the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait during an online conference on Thursday.

At a news conference on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the reference to the Taiwan Strait completely overstepped the scope of the development of relations between Japan and the EU.

He stressed that China expresses strong dissatisfaction with, and firm opposition to, the remarks.

The spokesperson said that Japan is, from its ulterior motive to contain China, exaggerating threats by China in various places, in disregard for the basic rules of international relations. He said Japan has already made a negative impact on bilateral ties with China, and stability in the region.

He also said China would not allow any country to intervene in the Taiwan issue in any manner. He added that he advises Japan not to overreach and inflame tensions everywhere.