Japan to provide aid to Gaza

Japan has decided to send relief supplies to help people in the Gaza Strip who were affected by the fierce exchange of attacks between Israeli forces and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

The government will provide an emergency grant of up to 10 million dollars to send food, medical supplies, and other forms of aid to Gaza via international organizations.

The fighting between Israel and Hamas, which controls Gaza, ended with a ceasefire on May 21. In Gaza, many people were killed or wounded by Israeli airstrikes, and residents are reportedly facing food and medicine shortages.

Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu told reporters on Friday that Japan will continue to provide Gaza with emergency aid, and support reconstruction efforts.

The government has also decided to provide an additional grant of nearly 15 million dollars to India, which is facing a medical crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. After this shipment, Japan will have sent a total of 1,800 ventilators and 2,800 oxygen concentrators to the country.