Japan hits 10 mil. vaccine doses administered

The number of coronavirus vaccine doses administered in Japan has exceeded 10 million.

The government says that as of Thursday, a total of 10.74 million shots had been given to people across the country, mainly medical workers and the elderly.

The minister in charge of the vaccine rollout, Kono Taro, told reporters on Friday that the vaccination rate was falling short of the target of one million shots per day set by Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide.

Kono said healthcare authorities are facing three challenges: securing adequate supply, dealing with shortages of personnel capable of administering the shots, and convincing young people to get vaccinated.

The minister said the government has already managed to procure enough doses, and is now trying to ensure that vaccination facilities are properly staffed. He added that once the elderly are fully inoculated, the government should focus on a campaign urging young people to get the shot.