Republicans counter Biden's package with new offer

The US Republican Party has proposed a new counteroffer to Democratic President Joe Biden's 1.7- trillion-dollar infrastructure package.

Biden had earlier proposed an eight-year, 2.3-trillion-dollar plan. Last week, his administration cut the size of the plan by 25 percent in talks with Republicans, who are calling for a more compact version.

Republican senators raised their initial offer and proposed a 928-billion-dollar package on Thursday.

The Republican plan does not include some of the items in Biden's package, such as spending on housing for low-income families. It also opposes Biden's proposal to raise corporate taxes to pay for the new investment.

In a speech last month, Biden underscored his intention to rebuild the middle class, saying they had built the country. He believes the infrastructure package will help achieve this goal.

Biden hopes to consolidate the plan sometime next month. He is still seeking a bipartisan agreement on the package as the Democrats have slim majorities in the House and Senate. But if he makes too many concessions, he could face criticism from his own party.