More wheelchair accessible buses for Tokyo Games

The organizing committee for this year's Tokyo Paralympics says it will likely secure more vehicles than expected to transport participants in wheelchairs during the games.

The committee says the vehicles will likely include about 270 buses equipped with wheelchair lifts, up by 40 from the initial plan. It says roughly 70 additional low-floor buses are also expected to be available.

The committee says it asked more bus operators than initially planned to lend buses for the games. It says that a growing number of operators have been adding wheelchair accessible buses to their fleets.

The committee says it has also secured 150 lift-fitted passenger vehicles.

Committee Director General Muto Toshiro said the body will work to help drivers improve the way they operate wheelchair accessible vehicles.

The committee acknowledged the need for flexible approaches to participants with disabilities.

That includes people who cannot wear masks due to health reasons and individuals who cannot sweat properly because of their disabilities and tend to have higher temperatures.

The committee wants that to be reflected in its anti-coronavirus rules for participants known as the "Tokyo 2020 Playbooks" to be updated next month.