Games' non-athletes to be vaccinated from June

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games organizing committee expects coronavirus vaccinations to begin for Japanese staff, volunteers and other non-athletes engaged in the games as early as June 20.

The committee's director general Muto Toshiro said this at a news conference on Thursday.

Coronavirus vaccines for 20,000 people are to be donated to athletes and other members of the Japanese delegations to the Tokyo Games.

The committee has begun selecting which non-athletes will get inoculated.

Muto said they will basically include staff and volunteers expected to have contact with athletes.

The Japanese Paralympic Committee also revealed on Thursday that it is preparing to begin vaccinations in mid-June for about 600 people, including para athletes who will likely qualify for the games, and their coaches.

The committee said it is working to have them receive their second shots by July 24, a month before the opening of the Paralympics, and that vaccinations will be done on a voluntary basis.