Another cyclone hits India, leaves 50,000 homeless

A powerful cyclone roared into India on Wednesday, and officials say at least 50,000 people have lost their homes due to storm surges.

India's Meteorological Department says Cyclone Yaas made landfall in the eastern state of Odisha.

Video footage shows strong winds tearing roofs off structures and seawater flooding vehicles.

The storm later weakened, but authorities in neighboring West Bengal say levees collapsed at more than 100 places due to storm surges.

They say the waters inundated about 1,100 villages, leaving at least 50,000 people homeless. At least one person was reportedly killed when a house collapsed.

On May 17, another large cyclone, Tauktae, made landfall in the western state of Gujarat, killing more than 150 people.

Coronavirus testing and vaccinations have been suspended in some regions due to the cyclones. There are concerns that the disasters will put further strain on medical systems in regional cities and farming areas.

India has been struggling with a deadly second wave of coronavirus infections, with nearly 4,000 deaths reported daily.