China defends denial of Taiwan to take part at WHO

China has defended its objection to Taiwan's participation in the latest annual assembly of the World Health Organization.

Taiwan was not invited to the World Health Assembly that opened on Monday, partly due to opposition from China. Taiwan has no WHO membership, but had sought participation as an observer.

Taiwan officials expressed strong discontent, arguing that there should be no void in the global measures against the coronavirus.

A spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of China's State Council, Zhu Fenglian, spoke to reporters on this matter on Wednesday.

She said the Chinese authorities are promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and Taiwan in public health and are also making appropriate arrangements for Taiwan's global activity in the field.

She also said China has so far provided Taiwan with coronavirus information 260 times and agreed 16 times to Taiwanese experts' participation in WHO activities.

Zhu said Taiwan claims that there has been a void in the global anti-virus measures, but criticized Taiwan for spreading what she called political nonsense.

Zhu said Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party is trying to use anti-virus measures to make Taiwan independent from China.