Sony Group investing in content, subscriber base

Japan's Sony Group says it plans to strengthen its content business while boosting investment to expand its subscriber base.

Chairman, President and CEO Yoshida Kenichiro on Wednesday unveiled the firm's strategic plan for the three years from fiscal 2021.

Yoshida said the company will reinforce its gaming and anime content businesses.

The firm plans to spend 2 trillion yen, or about 18 billion dollars, on strategic investments over the course of the plan.

The money will go to intellectual property rights-related businesses, various technologies and efforts to increase customer numbers.

Sony says there are now about 160 million people around the globe who it describes as "directly connected to the group," including subscribers to its gaming services. It says it wants to grow that number to one billion.

The company has already agreed to buy a US anime streaming service that has about 90 million registered users.