Cellphone data fees slashed in Tokyo

Cellphone users in Tokyo are enjoying lower data usage fees. The price for 20 gigabytes per month has plunged over the past year, and Japan's capital compares favorably with five of the world's major cities.

A communications ministry survey looked at 20-gigabyte plans offered in Tokyo, New York, and London, as well as Paris, Dusseldorf, and Seoul.

London offered the best deal for consumers followed by Tokyo.

The survey considered plans offered by each city's leading carrier. In Tokyo that's NTT Docomo.

The company's new discounted 4G plan costs 2,973 yen, or about 27 dollars, a month.

That represents a 63 percent price drop from a year earlier when the same survey listed Tokyo as the most expensive city.

NTT Docomo, along with its domestic rivals, introduced a low-priced option in response to government pressure.

Cutting mobile phone charges is one of Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide's signature policies.