Biden meets George Floyd's family

US President Joe Biden has met the family of George Floyd to mark one year since the Black man died in Minneapolis under the knee of a police officer.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris met Floyd's daughter, brothers and other relatives for about an hour at the White House on Tuesday.

Biden released a statement paying tribute to Floyd. He reiterated his calls on Congress to quickly pass a police reform bill.

The statement says, "To deliver real change, we must have accountability when law enforcement officers violate their oaths."

It continues, "We need to build lasting trust between the vast majority of the men and women who wear the badge honorably and the communities they are sworn to serve and protect."

Floyd's brother Philonise told reporters that he hopes the bill, dubbed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, will become law.

The legislation would ban dangerous police tactics such as restraining suspects in chokeholds. Biden wanted Congress to approve the bill by the first anniversary of Floyd's death.

The House has passed it, but negotiations are continuing in the Senate. Republicans oppose the legislation, saying it would make it easier to hold police officers legally responsible for their conduct.