Govt. to promote greener society, digitization

A Japanese government panel is calling for creating a greener society and accelerating digitization as an engine of new growth for Japan.

The Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy on Tuesday presented a draft of this year's basic policies for economic and fiscal management to be adopted in June.

The draft recommends building a resilient and safe society against infectious diseases to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and achieve a robust economic cycle.

It proposes four areas as a driving force of the country's growth. They are -- creating a greener society, accelerating digitization in both public and private sectors, revitalizing regional communities and creating a society that makes it easier for people to have and rear children.

The draft also calls for strengthening and reforming the system of social security, given that post-war baby boomers will start turning 75.

It also proposes implementing a unified economic and fiscal reform.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide revealed a target plan to double direct foreign investment in Japan to 80 trillion yen, or about 734 billion dollars, in 2030.