Hashimoto inspects Tokyo Games transport hub

The head of the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has inspected a transport hub to be used during the Games this summer.

Organizing committee president Hashimoto Seiko visited the site in central Tokyo on Tuesday. It's the largest of seven depots to be used for about 2,000 buses and 3,500 cars to transport athletes and officials.

The 15-hectare depot was set up on the former site of the Tsukiji food market. Up to 3,000 drivers and staff members per day are expected to gather at the facility, which will have a cafeteria and a lounge. Antivirus measures, such as partitions set on tables, will be in place.

About 1,500 vehicles are already stationed at the depot. They include some equipped with decompression devices to transport people who are suspected to be infected with the coronavirus, as well as those fitted with lifts for people with disabilities.

Training for volunteer drivers began earlier this month.

Committee head Hashimoto stressed the importance of managing drivers' health, and expressed hopes that the preparations being made will result in a successful Games.