WSJ: Ghosn ready to meet French investigators

The Wall Street Journal reports that former Nissan Motor chief Carlos Ghosn says he's ready for questioning by French investigators.

The US newspaper on Monday carried an online article of an interview with Ghosn, who is now in Lebanon.

French justice authorities are set to send investigators to Lebanon in late May to question Ghosn on a voluntary basis. The investigators plan to examine whether Ghosn should stand trial for allegedly misappropriating corporate funds as head of Renault.

Ghosn told the Journal that he has prepared for the meeting in hours-long sessions with his lawyers, and that he has been looking forward to meeting the investigators.

The French authorities have seized millions of dollars' worth of assets owned by Ghosn and his wife. Referring to the move, Ghosn said he's no longer sure he can get a fair trial in France, just like in Japan.

Ghosn was indicted in Japan on charges of financial wrongdoing at Nissan, but jumped bail and fled to Lebanon in 2019.

He also talked about his former aide at Nissan, Greg Kelly, who is now standing trial in Tokyo for allegedly helping Ghosn conceal compensation.

Ghosn said "I look at this poor Greg Kelly, rotting in Japan." He also said Kelly is being unfairly prosecuted, and cited his long-running case as another reason justifying his decision to flee.