Komuro Kei graduates from US law school

Komuro Kei, a college classmate of Japan's Princess Mako, has graduated from a law school in the US state of New York.

The Imperial Household Agency announced four years ago that Princess Mako and Komuro were getting engaged, although the wedding was later postponed.

This month, Komuro graduated from Fordham University's law school. An online graduation ceremony was held on Sunday. During the ceremony, portraits and comments from some graduating students went on display as their names were called. Komuro's name was also called, but without any display.

An in-person ceremony was also held on Monday. Komuro's attendance was not confirmed.

Komuro has studied at the school since 2018, with the goal of obtaining a New York state license to practice law. A lawyer representing him said Komuro will take the New York state bar exam in late July.

Princess Mako and Komuro's planned engagement was announced in September 2017. But shortly after, media, including weekly magazines, reported that his mother was in financial trouble with her former fiance.

The Imperial Household Agency later announced the postponement of a string of events leading up to the wedding.

Last month, Komuro's lawyer announced that he planned to offer settlement money to his mother's former fiance. But there appears to be no progress toward the end of the dispute.