7,348 vaccinated on 1st day at two large sites

Japan's Defense Ministry has announced that 7,348 people were administered coronavirus vaccinations on Monday, the first day of operations of large-scale facilities in Tokyo and Osaka.

Residents aged 65 or over in Tokyo's 23 wards and Osaka City are eligible for inoculations at the two centers. They are run by the Self-Defense Forces in Tokyo's Otemachi district and Kita Ward in Osaka City.

Ministry officials say 4,876 out of the 5,000 people who made reservations received shots at Tokyo's site, and 2,472 out of 2,500 were injected in Osaka.

The unused doses were administered to civilian nurses and staff who work at the venues, in line with earlier plans.

This week, officials plan to increase the number of people who are inoculated in stages. They will aim to inoculate up to 10,000 people a day in Tokyo and about 5,000 in Osaka from Monday, when senior residents across the whole of both prefectures become eligible.