ANA tests vaccination status app for travelers

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways has launched a trial of digital certificates for coronavirus test results and vaccination status.

ANA is using a smartphone app, the IATA Travel Pass, developed by the International Air Transport Association. The test began at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Monday.

The app allows passengers to show their PCR test results and vaccination records on their smartphones to meet the entry requirements for their destination.

The test results and other information are sent directly by designated medical institutions to prevent users from entering the data by themselves.

A 54-year-old company employee said it was easy to register and the boarding procedures were smooth.

A senior ANA official, Matsushita Tadashi, said he expects international flights will return to normal in the near future.

He expressed hope that his company and the government will work together to put the digital certificate into practical use soon, so that travelers will feel safe.

ANA and Japan Airlines are also testing another digital certificate app, CommonPass, designed by the World Economic Forum and the Common Project Foundation.