Suzuki suspending some output amid chip shortage

Suzuki Motor says it is suspending some of its Japanese factories next month, as a global shortage of semiconductors continues to cast a shadow over the auto industry.

Three plants in the central prefecture of Shizuoka are set to lose three to nine days of production in June. That comes after the firm temporarily halted some of its plants in April and May.

Chips have been in short supply for reasons including surging demand for cars and consumer electronics in the face of the coronavirus. A fire at a major semiconductor factory in Japan compounded the problem.

Suzuki officials say they will keep negotiating with chip makers.

They want to make sure outages do not drag on their overall annual production.

The lack of semiconductors has hit other Japanese carmakers as well. Toyota is shutting down some of its domestic production lines for up to eight days in June.

Subaru stopped output for eight days in April at a factory near Tokyo, and for 10 days at a US plant .