Moderna vaccine arrives at 2 large sites in Aichi

US pharmaceutical firm Moderna's coronavirus vaccine has arrived in Japan's Aichi Prefecture ahead of large-scale inoculations of the elderly.

The prefecture will start administering the vaccine on Monday at two large sites. One is at Nagoya Airport and the other is at Fujita Health University. Senior citizens living in nearby cities and towns are eligible.

A truck carrying doses arrived at the airport site on Sunday morning. The Japanese government approved the use of the vaccine just two days ago.

The doses were quickly moved from mobile freezers to five freezers at the site.

Pharmacists made sure the freezers maintain a temperature of around minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Some of the doses have been moved to a refrigerator so they will be ready to be administered first thing on Monday.

An official says a total of 20,000 doses were delivered to the prefecture on Sunday, and that up to 2,000 doses can be administered a day at the airport site.

Matsuzaki Masahide from Aichi Cancer Center oversees the sites. He says this will be the first time the Moderna vaccine is administered in Japan, and the first use of large vaccination sites. He says he will do all he can to make people getting their shots feel safe and comfortable.