Missing python captured in Yokohama

A 3.5-meter python that escaped in the city of Yokohama near Tokyo has been captured after more than two weeks.

The reticulated python, which weighs about 10 kilograms, was found in the attic of the owner's apartment.

Police searched the area following its escape on May 6 to no avail and no sighting has been reported.

An expert on such hunts searched the attic on Saturday, suspecting that it is still within the apartment.

The python was found coiled around columns and beams in the attic in the afternoon.

Nobody was hurt and no property was damaged by the escaped snake but it caused considerable anxiety among people in the neighborhood.

A man in his 40s says he has two children, one in elementary school and the other 4 years old. He adds that he feels relieved as he could not let them play outside until the snake was found.