China hails policy on Tibet to mark anniversary

The Chinese government has touted its decades of Communist Party leadership in Tibet, saying it has helped the region's economic growth and improvement in living standards.

Sunday marks 70 years of what China calls "the liberation of Tibet". China's central government and the then regional government of Tibet signed an agreement in 1951.

Tibet's Party Secretary Wu Yingjie spoke at a news conference on Saturday in Beijing.

Wu said, "Only with party leadership can Tibet continue on this road of prosperous development.

The Chinese government earlier issued a white paper to justify its seven decades of policy on Tibet.

It criticizes Western countries, saying, "Western anti-China forces have continued to interfere in China's Tibetan affairs in an attempt to sabotage its social stability."

The paper also condemns the 14th Dalai Lama, who is in exile, for provoking incidents to jeopardize peace and stability in Tibet.

The United States has criticized China's handling of Tibet, along with that of Xinjiang and Hong Kong, for suspected human rights violations.