India steps up anti-virus measures in rural area

India is making progress to contain a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. But infections are spreading to rural areas where the medical system is unable to cope with the surge.

A majority of states have seen a decline in infections the past two weeks, after hitting a high of more than 400,000 cases nationwide in a single day.

On Friday, India reported about 259,000 cases and 4,200 deaths. The challenge for the authorities is far from over, as the virus is spreading to rural areas that escaped the first wave.

The situation is turning more alarming as the medical infrastructure in the countryside is not equipped to handle the case numbers.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed additional resources to the affected areas.

India continues to battle the pandemic as almost the entire country is under some form of lockdown or curfew.

Meanwhile, a vaccine shortage has slowed the country's immunization drive though the goal is to vaccinate 300 million people by July.