Heavy rain brings mudslide risk to parts of Japan

Torrential rains caused by a seasonal front hit western and eastern Japan on Thursday and Friday.

Weather authorities say the heavy rains have peaked but are urging residents to remain on the alert for mudslides and other events, as the downpours have loosened the ground.

The Meteorological Agency says the rain front became active due to warm and humid air flowing into it, bringing heavy rains to eastern and western Japan. Many places in the region had record rainfall for May.

In the 24 hours through Friday, Mount Ontake in Nagano Prefecture had 289.5 millimeters of rain, Itsuki Village in Kumamoto Prefecture 251.5 millimeters, Ibigawa Town in Gifu Prefecture 195.5 millimeters and the city of Osaka 192 millimeters.

Weather officials are urging people to stay on the alert for mudslides, lightning and sudden gusts of wind.