France night trains back to fight climate change

A night train service has been relaunched between the French capital of Paris and the country's south as part of efforts to tackle climate change.

The government is moving ahead with plans to reintroduce the service for low priced long-distance travel as trains emit less greenhouse gases than aircraft.

The first train in three and a half years left Paris for Nice on Thursday night with Prime Minister Jean Castex and senior railway company officials on board.

Night trains used to run frequently between the capital and regional cities in France. But there were only two domestic lines left due to high-speed railways and low-cost airlines.

The Paris-Nice service connects 1,090 kilometers in nearly 12 hours. That's 6 hours longer than high-speed trains, but the cheapest seats are available for 19 euros, or about 23 dollars.

In Europe, an increasing number of people are avoiding air travel as they are concerned about greenhouse gas emissions.

The French government has decided it will not allow short-haul domestic flights that can be covered by train.