Chinese EV makers aim to make global inroads

Chinese makers of electric vehicles are planning to make big inroads in markets around the world.
BYD has become the latest to announce its global ambitions, with a plan to start exporting passenger cars to Europe.

BYD's chairman made the announcement on Wednesday at an event at its Shenzhen headquarters to mark a major production milestone.

The firm says it's become the first Chinese manufacturer to build over one million new-energy cars.

The chairman vowed that more of its output will be headed overseas.

BYD's first exports of EV passenger cars will go to Norway, with a shipment of 1,500 vehicles in the second half of this year. The company has already been shipping electric buses overseas.

Europe could prove a lucrative market. Governments in the region are coming out with stricter environmental regulations and want to see more EVs and fewer gasoline-burning cars on their roads.

Norway is a driving force in this push for a greener future.

Other Chinese EV makers are looking at the Nordic country. Xiaopeng Motors began exports there last year. Similar plans by Nio are scheduled to get underway from September.