Outdoor cafes reopen in France

In France, outdoor cafes have reopened for the first time in roughly seven months following a drop in the number of coronavirus cases.

Pubs and restaurants in France had been closed since last October. But restrictions were eased on Wednesday as the infection situation has improved.

At a cafe in Paris, people were seen reading and enjoying meals in terrace seats.

A man in his 30s said eating out, unlike eating at home, is a precious time to spend with your friends and colleagues.

About 40 percent of visitors to this cafe used to be tourists, as it's located near the Eiffel Tower. The owner said he cannot make as much profit as before until tourists from Japan and elsewhere return to Paris.

Movie theaters have also reopened, but with smaller audiences.

Museums are being told to ensure that each visitor has eight square meters of space around them.

At the Louvre, where visits must be booked in advance, art fans lined up before the doors opened on Wednesday.

Some experts are wary about the lifting of restrictions because France still has a significant number of coronavirus cases. More than 19,000 new infections were reported on Wednesday.

The French government plans to accelerate its vaccination program to prevent a resurgence in cases.