Detained Japanese journalist charged in Myanmar

The Japanese Embassy in Myanmar says a Japanese journalist was charged on Monday with disseminating fake news. Kitazumi Yuki was detained last month by the country's military.

Embassy officials say Kitazumi is accused of fueling anxiety among citizens and spreading false information.

Kitazumi was taken from his home in Yangon by security forces on April 18. He has since been held at a prison in the city.

He is now expected to stand trial, raising concern that his detention could be prolonged.

Japanese embassy officials say they will help Kitazumi with court proceedings while continuing to call on Myanmar's authorities to release him.

The officials say they were told by authorities on Monday that Kitazumi is not experiencing any health issues. But they say they have yet to be allowed to meet him in person.

Kitazumi had been covering the anti-coup protests for Japanese media outlets, posting articles and videos on social media.