UN envoy for Myanmar to visit Thailand

The United Nations says the Secretary-General's special envoy for Myanmar will travel to Southeast Asia this week in an effort to seek a solution to the situation in Myanmar.

A UN spokesperson said on Thursday that Christine Schraner Burgener will travel to Thailand to meet government officials, and is consulting on visits to other countries in the region, including members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN.

The spokesperson said that Schraner Burgener has highlighted repeatedly that "a robust international response to the ongoing crisis in Myanmar requires a unified regional effort involving neighboring countries who can leverage influence towards stability in Myanmar."

The spokesperson said the special envoy will continue her efforts to visit Myanmar, and that she hopes Myanmar's military will provide access to the country.

An NHK correspondent in New York says it is not clear if the ASEAN nations will respond to the UN's requests as the association maintains that members should not interfere in each other's internal affairs.