Komuro Kei explains financial issue

Komuro Kei, who is to be engaged to Japan's Princess Mako, has released a document to explain details of a financial issue between his mother and her former fiance.

The Imperial Household Agency announced in 2017 that the princess and Komuro were getting engaged. But media including weekly magazines reported that his mother was in financial trouble with her former fiance. The agency announced a postponement of the string of events leading up to the wedding.

The document issued by Komuro says he refrained from actively refuting media reports because he put priority on the privacy of his mother's former fiance and discussions on the matter with him.

Komuro says that when the engagement between his mother and the man was dissolved, the man said he did not want repayment of his financial support to her.

Komuro says that nearly one year later, his side received a letter from the man demanding repayment, and that they told him they could not agree to refund the support. Komuro says they then came to understand that the issue had been resolved, as several years had passed since they lost contact with the man.

Komuro says that after the media reports, the two sides had talks, but that none have been held since the man said he no longer demanded money.

Komuro says he still feels gratitude to the man for his support, and that looking back now, he thinks they relied too much on the man's good intentions.

Komuro says there is no change in his and Princess Mako's feelings, including those about marriage.

Last November Princess Mako's father, Crown Prince Akishino, said he approved of her marriage to her college classmate Komuro. He also said it is important to properly explain the developments of the matter before they get married.