Myanmar military kills at least 13 protesters

Myanmar's military continues its crackdown on anti-coup protesters, killing more than a dozen people on Wednesday.

People are taking to the streets across the country to protest against the February 1 military coup. In the largest city of Yangon, demonstrations were staged on Wednesday urging people not to buy Chinese products. Myanmar's military calls Beijing a strategic partner.

Local media say the military used machine guns and grenades on protesters in the northwestern town of Kale. They say at least 13 people were killed nationwide on Wednesday alone, with the death toll expected to rise.

A local human rights group says 598 civilians have been killed since the coup.

Myanmar's military has been carrying out airstrikes against ethnic minority armed forces supporting anti-coup protesters. Ground troops advanced to areas near the southeastern border with Thailand on Wednesday, clashing with armed groups of the Karen ethnic minority.

The military also announced on state-run TV on Wednesday that it had placed celebrities, including actors and singers, on its wanted list for allegedly inciting people to join the civil disobedience movement.