Panda cub makes outdoor debut at Japanese zoo

A four-month-old panda cub has made its debut outdoors at a zoo in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan.

The female cub was born last November at Adventure World in Shirahama Town.

The zoo asked the public to suggest names. After a vote on the shortlist that contained three choices, she was named "Fuhin" last month.

On Wednesday, journalists were allowed to see Fuhin in the outdoor playground.

When her keeper put her down on the lawn, she lay on her back to soak up the sun. She also tried to climb up on play equipment.

Keeper Yoshida Tomoko says Fuhin is beginning to show an interest in new things around her.

Yoshida says she wants Fuhin to play energetically in the sun. She says she wants the cub to become strong and healthy.

Visitors cannot see Fuhin playing outdoors yet, but the zoo plans to post videos of her online.