Myanmar junta targeting celebrities

The anti-coup protesters in Myanmar continue to take to the streets to show their resistance in a variety of ways.
As the military intensifies its violent crackdown on protesters, it is also increasing pressure on celebrities who support a return to democracy.

Demonstrators are now dividing into smaller groups to evade the security forces. In the largest city Yangon on Tuesday, people threw red paint on a road near where protesters had been killed.

One of the protesters said, "The red paint represents the blood of our fallen heroes. This is a way to send the message that their blood is not yet dry."

Meanwhile, the military has expanded its targets to celebrities, including actors and social media influencers. A state newspaper has published a list of those charged with violating laws on spreading news that affects the stability of the state.

An actor on the list told NHK in a text that she will continue to speak out and will not stop until democracy returns.

The death toll has continued to rise since the February 1 coup. A local human rights NGO reports that 570 civilians have been killed so far by security forces.

Brunei, the current chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, issued a joint statement with Malaysia after the two countries' leaders met on Monday.
It said they agreed that the ASEAN leaders will meet to discuss the developments in Myanmar and asked their cabinets to undertake the necessary preparations for the meeting.