Blinken: US working to provide vaccines globally

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that his country will work with other nations to make sure there are enough coronavirus vaccines "for everyone, everywhere."

Blinken discussed the US response to the pandemic with reporters at the State Department on Monday.

He said, "The world has to come together to bring the COVID pandemic to an end everywhere. And for that to happen, the United States must act and we must lead."

Blinken also referred to an agreement the US reached last month with Japan, Australia, and India. The countries will work together to produce and distribute vaccines. The secretary of state described the collaboration as "a good example."
Blinken said, "We won't trade shots in arms for political favors."

That remark comes as China and Russia continue to provide vaccines to other countries, as part of their "vaccine diplomacy." Observers say this is an effort to expand their influence.