Fuji Media may have broken foreign ownership rule

One of Japan's major broadcasting companies may have broken the rule on how big a stake foreign investors can own.

Fuji Media Holdings, the parent company of broadcaster Fuji Television Network, says it may have been in violation of the law for around 18 months a little over seven years ago.

Fuji Media says it miscalculated the total number of voting rights from September 2012 to March 2014.

It says foreign firms may have held 20 percent of its voting rights, or more, during the period.

The broadcast law stipulates that foreign ownership should be limited to under 20 percent.

The company says it became aware of the problem about seven years ago. But it decided not to make an announcement, or tell the Communications Ministry, because the percentage had fallen back below 20 percent.

The company says it is still looking into exactly what happened.