Wang: China will firmly face any US standoff

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has stressed that Beijing will remain firm as it faces a possible standoff with the United States.

State-run Xinhua news agency reported that Wang spoke to the media after his meetings with his counterparts from four Southeast Asian countries and South Korea, who recently visited China.

Regarding China's relations with the US, Xinhua quoted Wang as saying that China welcomes dialogue on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

He also said Beijing neither approves of one-upmanship in the world nor accepts that one country has the final say in world affairs.

He added that China welcomes cooperation, but if there is any confrontation, the country will deal with it calmly and face it fearlessly.

Wang's remarks came as US President Joe Biden's administration is pursuing what appears to be a containment strategy against Beijing in cooperation with American allies and other countries.

Regarding Myanmar, Wang said he and his Southeast Asian counterparts urge concerned parties to advance the country's democratic transformation process.

He did not directly criticize the Myanmar military, but instead indicated that China supports the Association of Southeast Asian Nation's constructive role there.